Implementing AdMob in your hybrid iOS app (Apache Cordova)

Looking to monetise the hybrid iOS app that you built using a framework like Apache Cordova/PhoneGap? I’ll make the assumption that you aren’t all that familiar with Objective-C, but you’re happy to code away using frontend web technology. This poses an interesting question: How the hell do you integrate AdMob on iOS?


My DIY SEO success story - MySalaryCalculator

UPDATE 2013: This is actually more like a success, failure, then success story - teaching us all to NEVER rely solely on SE traffic. Read the updated version here.

Having just realised the last time I updated this blog was eight months ago, I feel the need to make a post; and what better way to do it than explaining my absence from it. Well folks, this is my story about MySalaryCalculator.co.uk - where quite a bit of my spare time has been spent for the past while.


StaffsLocator - iPhone app for indoor and outdoor navigation

It’s been a long time coming, but finally I have got round to producing a video for the iPhone app that I developed in my Final Year Project at university - StaffsLocator.

I’ve had a number of academic enquiries about it over the past year, so I think it’s about time I published some information about it.